Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"Chillin' with the Dog." That's right, boys and girls, yours truly caught up with the Bounty Hunter and discussed how to make this world a safer place. Busty Beth was nowhere to be seen, though Leland wasn't too far behind.

After another bout of K vs. J in our annual "Smith mini-golf challenge," we see who came out the victor....proving once again who is the best putter in our family.

We just got back from Tampa -- and you can't hit Tampa w/o making a stop at Busch Gardens. The park definitely lived up to the hype -- killer coasters, rides, and gators. Kristie was a good sport after getting doused on her river excursion!

Mommy and baby enjoyed looking at the sea turtles on Turtle Beach.
Here's lookin' at you.