Monday, February 12, 2007

"On your marks..." -- Kristie and Justin get ready for a skills challenge of their own. Kristie won the best-of-three showdown 2-1.

Warren Moon takes a time-out to pose w/ Steve Y..., I mean Justin

"Up close" -- The Pro Bowl Skills Challenge...awesome. The best of the best showing-off their football skilz in the "Best Hands" Competition, Fastest Man, Strongest Man, Former Greats Flag Football, and the Quarterback Challenge (below is Steve Smith, prepin' w/ Boomer & Carson Palmer).

...nice hands, Steve.

Before his dislocated elbow, Drew Brees was on target during the "Quarterback Challenge."

Saturday, February 03, 2007

"JR hits Hawaii" -- Some pics from our concert at the Polynesian
Cultural Center in January.

Happy New Year
Park City, 2007

Kristie and Kellie's babies

The good,

...the bad,

...and, well...

Grandma Blake w/ three of her littlest ones Matthew, Daniella, and Kai...

Grandpa Blake...

The BYU boys (Uncle Alan w/ his g-nephew)...

Christmas PJ pose w/ CJ, Audri, Maddy, Kai, Peyton, Gavin, and Eli...

Cousin Audri explaining a new toy...

"Buddies...(Eli 'n Kai)"

"Hey cuz, think they'll stop talkin' and feed us already" -- Kristie and Holly feed their hungry boys and 'talk story' about motherhood.

"I'm full." "Yup, me too."

"Bundled up for his first snow" -- Christmas break was fantastic. Ten days in ID; ten days in UT. Felt like we had some real quality time with family and friends. Plenty of eats, hoops, naps, poops, colds, droops, visits, soups, and some great football on the tube...still can't believe those BSU Broncos.