Monday, December 14, 2009

Judy Smith (Justin's mom) with Kai and Justin. Some of Justin's family met us at temple square to see the lights ---but I guess I was the only one who froze---go figure.

Grandpa and Grandma Smith stayed at our place for the Thanksgiving holiday. We love when they come to visit, they are such good company. We all went to the BYU/Utah game as well---go cougars!
Lights on temple square so beautiful--so dang cold!
I guess this makes me caught up 'til Christmas---right?!

Kai and his "buddie" Aiden.

If there is one thing I can tell you about Bailey it's that she LOVES her daddy. When she hears him come home from work, she drops everything she is doing and walks/runs as fast as she can to see him and give him a big hug and kiss. Daddy's little girl---and you better believe he loves every minute of it!

Kai likes to dress up even when it isn't Halloween. Yep, those are Mr. potato head glasses, I still don't know how he got them to stay on.

Bailey too, she loves mommy's makeup and headbands.

Cute girl in our ward, thought she and Kai looked cute together.

Ok, can you tell I need to do this more often?! Kai wasn't happy about the curl I gave him so he pouted for picture time. And yes, Bailey was a cute bunny not a monkey (just ignore the banana).

Ok, catch up pics and stories....
Our good friends Hil and Dan, we stayed at there place and went to the 1st BYU game in Dallas---awesome

Thursday, August 20, 2009

America the beautiful, self accompanied :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

2009 Indy 500: a sport I still don't understand, but have far greater respect for after watching the race firsthand.

"Yeah, a straw. You got a problem with that, pal?"

We took a hike around Solitude w/ Jayne, Eli, Gav, Peyton and Tyler

Life was good at Chuck E. Cheese. Then, at this museum, we saw a shark...some in this picture are faking their feelings, while others are genuinely afraid for their lives.
The first annual Blake Girls' Trip took theses hotties to St. George.

Our camera recorded some summer activities/travel. For the first time in years, we hit good Old Fort Boise Days. We went on a few rides while my nephews were all smiles as they posed for a picture with the Parma High Cheerleaders!! Yeow baby!

Eli, Kai, and Gavin jumped in the mini-jeep -- a triple threat to any toy.

Bailey shared some love with Grandpa, while Gracie got more than she bargained for.

(...wouldn't you love this in your rearview mirror?)

We also dropped by Shoshone Falls ("smile dangit!") and BIG Judd's in Archer, ID for a famous Big Judd Burger.
...more catch-up pics from fall through spring.

SO big with Grandma...

Bailey at the park.

Boys' school is IN SESSION...

Brinley and Kai work on their gingerbread house over the holidays.

Daddy and Bailey get some holiday cuddling in

JR took a trip to Boston for a few concerts out East. We also hit some sights, like the Salem Witch Museum and hiking to the top of the Beacon Hill Monument...shwew.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

IRON BOWL 2008 -- compliments of Double 'D', the ORIGINAL Bama Bruiser...David Drake. Straight outta Cullman. "Dave, you always said: 'Justin, if there's one game you've just gotta see, it's 'Bama vs. Auburn.' And, as with most things involving ribs and football -- you were right." We took David up on his offer this past fall and caught one helluva SEC game; 95,000+ strong; "bammer, jammer, yellow hammer..." Dreamland-sponsored tailgate; lunch with Nick Saban; Roll Tide! Thanks Dave -- you are the man. See you again!

Here is a pic of Dave, Alane (D's sister), Kaylee & CariAnn (sp?), and us...