Friday, May 25, 2007

More pics of Granpa and Grandma Smith with Kai. Enjoying Waikiki.

We're one step ahead---little league baseball pictures!

Play time at the park. Kai blowing kisses to mom.
And they're off! Mommy gets more exercise than she bargined for. Kai just takes off in the walker and he's gone.

Our neighborhood is full of kids. Kai gets a kick out of them---especially this cute one, Ziggy. He's a handful, but Kai just loves him.
Kai is an active and happy boy.
I think he's checking out the
mechanics of his walker already.

Thanks to Jim and Judy, we were able to go on tour (for Justin's job) with the BYU-H choir to China and Mongolia. Grampa and Grandma Smith flew over and stayed at our house for 2 weeks to tend Kai. It was an amazing experience. Thanks again Jim and Judy. Kai took to them very well. In fact, he prefered them over mommy when see flew home from China.

The Marlers and friends came into town. So we had to hit the beach again---can't get too much of it. We had a great time with them and I'm pretty sure Bart left Hawaii with a perma-grin.

Kai is wearing one of Justin's old outfits (about 8 months or so later than Justin did). What a doll!

Beach time!
My two angels!