Thursday, August 20, 2009

America the beautiful, self accompanied :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

2009 Indy 500: a sport I still don't understand, but have far greater respect for after watching the race firsthand.

"Yeah, a straw. You got a problem with that, pal?"

We took a hike around Solitude w/ Jayne, Eli, Gav, Peyton and Tyler

Life was good at Chuck E. Cheese. Then, at this museum, we saw a shark...some in this picture are faking their feelings, while others are genuinely afraid for their lives.
The first annual Blake Girls' Trip took theses hotties to St. George.

Our camera recorded some summer activities/travel. For the first time in years, we hit good Old Fort Boise Days. We went on a few rides while my nephews were all smiles as they posed for a picture with the Parma High Cheerleaders!! Yeow baby!

Eli, Kai, and Gavin jumped in the mini-jeep -- a triple threat to any toy.

Bailey shared some love with Grandpa, while Gracie got more than she bargained for.

(...wouldn't you love this in your rearview mirror?)

We also dropped by Shoshone Falls ("smile dangit!") and BIG Judd's in Archer, ID for a famous Big Judd Burger.
...more catch-up pics from fall through spring.

SO big with Grandma...

Bailey at the park.

Boys' school is IN SESSION...

Brinley and Kai work on their gingerbread house over the holidays.

Daddy and Bailey get some holiday cuddling in

JR took a trip to Boston for a few concerts out East. We also hit some sights, like the Salem Witch Museum and hiking to the top of the Beacon Hill Monument...shwew.