Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ah, a nice sunny Easter sunday. Gotta love it. I have a couple of friends that showed me how to make this cute skirt for Bailey and the bowtie for Kai.....not that you can see them in this picture.

It wouldn't be a sunday picture without a wrestling match after wards.
Easter Sunday

...and the sugar crash.

Bailey is sooo excited to have her own candy. Each egg was a new surprize!

Kai and Bailey in action at the local Easter Egg hunt.

Oooo yeah Virginia. Justin was almost as excited to get Virginia plates as he was to get BYU season football tickets last year. That's saying a lot!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Ahhh! Good old Dairy Queen. Brings back memories of highschool and my sister Kim smashing an ice cream cake in my face. At least it tasted good.

Blake boyz at Kim's wedding...say cheese!

Brinley, Kellie and I had to take a quick pic...yes it was cold if you can't tell.

Girls night out before Kim's big day. Painting those cute piggies on the big day.
New York, New York! We took a trip to New York with the group Justin manages, "Fading Point." It was so great. Thanks to auntie JuJu and uncle Blair who took the kids for the weekend, we got to go the Manhattan temple and go see "Wicked", and it was just that...wickedly awesome.
Little buddies

Little pink ballerina who LOVES her sunglasses, especially when they're purple.
Kai got a new scooter for his birthday and has loved it.