Sunday, February 01, 2009

IRON BOWL 2008 -- compliments of Double 'D', the ORIGINAL Bama Bruiser...David Drake. Straight outta Cullman. "Dave, you always said: 'Justin, if there's one game you've just gotta see, it's 'Bama vs. Auburn.' And, as with most things involving ribs and football -- you were right." We took David up on his offer this past fall and caught one helluva SEC game; 95,000+ strong; "bammer, jammer, yellow hammer..." Dreamland-sponsored tailgate; lunch with Nick Saban; Roll Tide! Thanks Dave -- you are the man. See you again!

Here is a pic of Dave, Alane (D's sister), Kaylee & CariAnn (sp?), and us...

WOAH -- we had no internet for a while, so I've got to catch up on this blog. Here are some pics from NOVEMBER.

Kai and some of his buddies (pictured below) get together once a week at different homes in our neighborhood for "school." They have a good time and the mommies really excel at teaching them skills (nunchucks, games, booger-flicking...all the essentials).

LOOK at this face...

Kristie and Bailey in a cute winter dress, wardrobe by Janice Bowers.