Sunday, January 23, 2011

Two words, Cool Dude

Ok, had to add some more pics. Kai is in this Harry Potter getup every day since we got it in the mail...thanks to Auntie Chris. He loves Harry Potter and pretending to cast spells. We even have some Harry Potter uno cards we got from a friend for Christmas. We play it every day....not kidding!

Ok Kandis, these were for you. Did I meet my quota?
It's amazing what a new computer can do.

I just love this picture and wanted to post it...Cheese!

Dancing with daddy. Baily loves her daddy and is always sad on Mondays when it's time for him to go back to work.

And of course she has to learn how to properly throw a her princess hat!

So there is a man out here that
liked the idea of Stonehenge so
much...or perhaps he was really
bored because out here in this
small little town is a re-creation
of Stonehenge...except it"s
called Foamhenge. Yep, made
out of foam and spray painted
to look like stone. It's actually
pretty cool.

Fun family pics from the fall in Virginia!